For the last decade, I've been designing standards-compliant UIs for websites and web applications. Handcrafting HTML5 & CSS3 designs for Moodle, WordPress, etc. These days I'm also pretty handy coding in Javascript, PHP & MySQL - deployed to AWS Cloud environments.

Behati theme for Moodle 2+
Behati theme for Moodle 2+
Behati theme for Moodle 2+

Behati theme for Moodle 2+

A modern, responsive theme for Moodle 2+. It builds on a web-app inspired aesthetic and incorporates a few unique features, including a timeline layout for week-based courses.
Pre-orderSingle License: £250
Updates & Support: £50 per year


Will this theme work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices?
Yes. It has been designed as a fully responsive Moodle theme. This means that the user interface will automatically adapt to the screen size of the user's chosen device.
Is the theme easy to customise?
Yes. It can be personalised with your own colour scheme and logo, from the Settings page.
When will this theme be available?
The plan is for a “soft launch” before Moodlemoot Edinburgh 2014, April 14-17th.
Can I pre-order the theme?
Yes. I encourage you to pre-order the Behati theme today. This will give you early access to the beta and release candidate versions, before its official launch in April 2014.
Are you available for hire?
I accept a limited number of projects, based on their individual merits. I'm also open to any serious Moodle Theme Designer/Developer job offers from official Moodle partners.

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In 2014, I'll be packing my laptop into a carry-on and setting off to travel Round the World, indefinitely. Working remotely from planes, trains and hotel rooms. Moving to a new city or destination every few weeks.